Kitchen Remodel Complete (and a surprise from the AC)

The kitchen remodel was trying, but is now complete. The kitchen area was enlarged, cabinets replaced, and countertops upgraded to granite. The microwave is now mounted above the stove freeing up valuable counter space and exhausting outside instead of back into the house, and the new dishwasher seems to do a good job. The new split sink seems much more useful, and much deeper on the large side, and the more modern faucet with integrated sprayer is a welcomed improvement.

Second bathroom remodeled

The second bathroom has been remodeled. The stick-on floor tile and aging vanity are gone, and the room has been given an update overall.

New Flooring

When we purchased this house it still had the original 30 year old carpeting. It was in need of replacement, to say the least. While there were some higher repair priorities at first, time and money finally lined up to allow us to handle the flooring. The carpet was ripped out and the house now has maple hardwood throughout.

One bathroom remodel down, one to go

When we bought this house the bathrooms, like the rest of the house, looked like they hadn't been touched since it was built. Last winter we were able to refinish one bathroom. New sink, faucet, lighting, exhaust fan, wall cabinet, towel bar with storage, paint, and most importantly tile flooring. The towel bar was made from rough cut oak salvaged from benches from our wedding. A huge thanks to mom for putting the tile in. We'd still like to remove the popcorn ceiling but that will likely be taken care of when we have the ceilings refinished in the rest of the house.

New Decking

Much of the decking and railing was in rough shape. No more! It all looks better, feels better, and feels stronger now.


Finally, we have imported recipes. These are some of our favorites. Most should be fairly easy to make. Some have a beach/seafood theme, but not all.

Have some new recipes that worked well during your stay? Just let us know, and we'll get them added.

Construction complete

Our contractor has finished installing new windows and siding, as well as a million other little things. We're really pleased with the results. The house looks great, you can see out of the windows! The attention to detail was pleasantly surprising.

New windows and siding!

We just received word today that the new windows and siding are IN. Renovations should begin within a week or so.

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